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St. Edmonds Home

About St Edmond's Home for Children


The world of St. Edmond's Home for Children is where daily, remarkable encounters take place. Multi-handicapped, fragile children, touched by God and soothed by the softness of human concern and care, experience tender courage.

Inspired by love and supporting a unique quality of life for each child, the staff at St. Edmond's provides an exceptional continuum of care. Concerned and professionally qualified staff offer a broad spectrum of medical/nursing and therapeutic services directed toward assisting each child to function at his/her greatest physical, intellectual, social level. The programming provided is a testimony of love and includes the offering of quality life experiences.


In 1916, Philadelphia Archbishop Edmond Prendergast invited the Sisters of Bon Secours to establish a home for children affected by polio. The following year, a Women's Auxiliary was established. Throughout the years, the Women's Auxiliary has been St. Edmond's Home lifeblood.

St. Edmond's Home moved to spacious grounds in Rosemont in 1956. As the discovery of the Salk vaccine led to the virtual elimination of polio, St. Edmond's Home focused on the care and treatment of children with severe and profound mental and physical limitations.

In 1985, St. Edmond's was licensed as an Intermediate Care Facility for children with mental retardation (ICF/MR) by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This requires the facility to be in compliance with Title 55, PA Code: Chapter 6600 — Licensing regulations for Mental Retardation Intermediate Care Facilities. In addition, a survey is conducted annually by the Division of Life/Safety, Department of Health, for compliance with Life/Safety codes. The Division of Long Term Care, Department of Health also completes an ICF/MR Licensure, Title 6, Act and Medicaid survey.

Today, forty children continue to receive loving care and the best professional treatment available. Our sensitive and committed lay staff continues the tradition of compassionate ministry with children who are intellectually disabled and medically fragile. This tradition is a tribute to the legacy of the Sisters of Bon Secours, the Sisters of Mercy and the Daughters of Saint Mary of Providence who staffed the facility over the years.