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the Guanellian Leadership Institute at Developmental Programs of Philadelphia

About the Guanellian Leadership Institute

The Guanellian Leadership Institute (GLI) integrates and promotes the Guanellian heritage in the personal and professional lives of the divisional management team leaders as future catalysts of the Guanellian mission. Initiated in September 2005, the GLI draws from two source documents: the Basic Document for the Guanellian Mission and an article from the July 18-25, 2005 edition of America magazine by John O. Mudd entitled From CEO to Mission Leader.

The purpose of the GLI is

  1. 1. to form members of the divisional management team so that they have a firm understanding of Guanellian values and are readily able to articulate them;
  2. 2. to insure that Guanellian spirituality is accessible to members of the staffs of divisional facilities and program at every level - even if a staff member comes from another Christian or other religious tradition. The GLI strives to translate and adapt basic Guanellian principles to a more broadly diverse audience, faithful to the founding inspiration but responsive to the changing reality of our service environment on all counts; and
  3. 3. to establish a Guanellian ministry of charity framework throughout the division.
"Lay leaders are increasingly aware that we cannot think of ourselves solely as leading businesses, while leaving to sisters and priests the mission dimensions of our work. We too must become effective mission leaders". - John O. Mudd