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St. Edmonds Home

Admission to St. Edmond's Home

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has licensed St. Edmond's Home for Children for 40 ICF/MR beds. Residential placement in St. Edmond's ICF/MR is one residential option. For other options, see Community Programs.

To be eligible for placement in St. Edmond's ICF/MR children must have a diagnosis of mental retardation and benefit from continuous active treatment in a protected residential setting with 24-hour supervision and nursing care. Admission to St. Edmond's ICF/MR is through referral from the Department of Human Services in Philadelphia and from the Offices of Mental Retardation throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Each application is evaluated on an individual basis. Families are encouraged to visit the facility before applying on behalf of a child, and both the family and child are asked to participate in a pre-evaluation meeting as part of the application process.

St. Edmond's maintains an active waiting list in accordance with all state and local requirements as applicable. Should an opening occur in St. Edmond's ICF/ MR, we will take referrals from the waiting list with consideration given to the prioritization of the urgency of need.

It is the policy of St. Edmond's Home for Children to admit, treat and care for all individuals without regard to religion, color, sex, age or national origin.

For information regarding admissions or to schedule a tour of the facilities, or for more information please contact the St. Edmond's Home Social Services Director.