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Community programs at Developmental Programs of Philadelphia

Community Living Arrangement Program

The Community Living Arrangement (CLA) program was established in 1996 as a response to a need to enable and support individuals with developmental disabilities living in the community. The CLA program provides twenty-four hour community-based residential support services to individuals living in home-like environment. The individuals living our CLAs have needs for significant support in all areas of development. In conjunction with their day program, we provide habilitative, social and recreational activities that enable each individual to develop increased levels of independence.

The CLA program challenges assumptions and expands the boundaries of what is possible through:

CLA Residential Program

Our caring staff provides supports to enable each individual to live as independently as possible in the community and have maximum choice and control over his or her life. A Program Specialist works closely with the individual, family and team to coordinate the supports and services needed and to ensure that every need is met. Our objective is to provide individualized support that will assist each individual in developing daily living skills, that will enhance each individual's participation in the community as a valued member, and that will enable each individual to live in the least restrictive setting.

Support is provided in a respectful manner that is congruent with our belief that people with developmental disabilities and their families have both the ability and the right to make the decisions that influence their lives.

Staff Support for Independence

Interaction builds companionship between staff and residents. Staff members come to understand each person's strengths and hobbies, tailoring recreation options and community outings to suit each person's interests and needs. Most importantly, each individual chooses the life they want to live, and our CLA staff members ensure that their choices are validated and protected.

In each CLA, one to three individuals receive support and services based on their safety, medical, behavioral and recreational needs.


Admissions to the CLA program are solely through referral from the Department of Human Services in Philadelphia and from the Offices of Mental Retardation throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania. For additional information on the CLA program, see information in the Pennsylvania Home and Community Services and Supports Directory (HCSIS) under Divine Providence Village. For information regarding admissions or for more information regarding the CLA program please contact the divisional Admission Coordinator, Barbara Hickey, at 484.908.6591