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Respite Care Services

Divine Providence Village (DPV) offers families respite care services for adult loved ones with developmental and physical disabilities. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania licenses DPV's respite care services. County Offices of Intellectual Disability refers and fund individuals.

Family members caring for those with disabilities at home face daily challenges and pressures requiring a round-the-clock commitment. When caregivers find that their schedules or travel plans will take them away from home, or when they simply need a rest from their daily obligations, they can turn to DPV's proven, professional excellence. Both the adults in DPV's Respite Care services and their caregivers derive great benefit from their stay.

DPV is a trusted resource, offering temporary on-site care for their loved ones in a home-like and compassionate environment. Individuals in DPV's Respite Care services receive the same daily personal care and support, and the same array of services as every other DPV resident.

In collaboration with the caregiver, an individual care plan is created for each individual. DPV's short term respite is a 24-hour-a-day staffed program that provides on-site care up to 30 days per year. The maximum 30 day allowance does not require the use of 30 consecutive days. Many families use this service for periodic care throughout the year.

During respite, day program services, healthy meals incorporating specialized diets, community activities and therapeutic outings with peers are included in one's stay.

Most respite stays are scheduled in advance. However, when unforeseen circumstances or emergencies occur, DPV's Respite Care services can provide emergency or unscheduled respite care services, depending on space availability.

For additional information see DPV's information on the Pennsylvania Home and Community Services and Supports Directory (HCSIS). For referral information, admission inquiries, or for any other information, please contact Barbara Hickey, Admissions Director at 484.908.6591.