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Residential Services

The Cardinal Krol Center is an Intermediate Care Facility for individuals with Intellectual Disability licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Cardinal Krol Center is licensed to support 126 men who reside in the main building or in five on-campus cottages.

Residential services provide programs that support the growth and development of each individual maintaining the highest possible quality of life. Every resident participates in recreational activities. A plethora of professional services also supports every resident.

Recreational Activities

Activities are planned to meet individual needs and interests. Residential counselors assist/support groups of two to eight individuals. Each group participates in a variety of recreational activities; i.e.: softball, bowling, basketball, weight training, cardiovascular activities, swimming, square dancing, cooking, barbecues, and monthly dance socials. Other activities include trips to theme parks, sporting and cultural events, Music Therapy, Recreational Therapy and, Special Olympics. This is not an exhaustive list by any means. Recreation goes as far as a creative mind can take you. All of the above is available not only to residents but to the Community.

Professional Services

Our Health Services Department provides preventive health care measures and quality treatment. A Medical Director and a nursing staff comprise the Health Services Department.

The Psychological Services Department has two behavior specialists on staff to provide for evaluation, consultation, therapy, and program development.

Qualified Intellectual Disability Professionals provide support, supervision and integration of all aspects of the individuals program plan.