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Community Employment Opportunity

The Community Employment Opportunity Program provides job placement and job coaching services for individuals with developmental disabilities attending the CanDo Shops @ Don Guanella Village. This person-centered program allows each individual to have an active part in obtaining a volunteer or competitive employment position within his/her community.

Employment Preparation Classes

In our Work Activity Center, we provide employment preparation classes where we concentrate on career interests, interviewing skills, work ethics, and success.

Job Coaching

On-site training is a free service to the employer. Your company will train each new employee and our Employee Specialist. After the initial training, the Employee Specialist will guide the new employee to ensure that he or she learns the work skills necessary to maintain his or her job. As the individuals begin to gain independence, the Employee Specialist will begin to fade out and provide less direct instruction to the individual. The Employee Specialist individualizes each person's job and length of the training sessions.

Follow Up

After the instruction is complete, the Employee Specialist will call the employer or visit the job site monthly. The Employee Specialist maintains regular contact between the CEO program and the business throughout the duration of the employment. Employee Specialists are available to provide retraining upon request.

Business Club

We offer continuous support to the individuals who have job or volunteer position in the community. Often an issue or a problem is on the minds of the residents. Meetings twice a month are a successful way in working through any work related conflict.

How Can Employers Benefit?

Should you or a family member desire to participate, please contact the Community Employment Coordinator, Pat Guarini, at 484.475.2540.